We make a touchscreen & electronic display cleaning wipe that serves the aviation industry, called iCloth Avionics, and have noticed an interesting new trend: a growing number of healthcare organizations are now buying it, along with our smaller “iCloth Regular”-sized wipes for handheld devices, in large quantities.

Given the proliferation of computers, tablets, smartboards and touchscreens in these environments, this trend makes perfect sense.

We call these Sensitive Optical Surfaces, and keeping them clean is our specialty.

Could iCloth be right for your organization?


iCloth goes where you go

iCloth goes where you go

iCloth is designed for convenience.  Ready-to-use and sealed in individual packets, they can be slipped into a bag, purse, desk or car.  They remain perfectly damp for use on the go, wherever and whenever you need them.

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iCloth really works

iCloth really works

This aerospace-grade product is used in the flightdecks of major airlines and recommended by touchscreen manufacturers. It is proven safe for use on sensitive optical surfaces of all descriptions, including eyewear, and consistently delivers great results.

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All touchscreens need cleaning

All touchscreens need cleaning

From easy fingerprint and grime removal, to minimizing the spread of ick on devices that change hands, all the way to improved touchscreen response: everyone needs to clean their devices regularly.

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Recent 5-star product reviews:

I absolutely love these cleaning wipes, I use them all the time. I even had to grab a pack for home because I use them so often! These are great for quick and sufficient cleaning of electronics. I highly recommend them for cleaning computer screens as well as mobile phones. These are safe for cell phones, you can even google them to find out what’s in the product as well as a list of what they are good for. My phone is touch screen so it gets dirty easily, these wipes help clean and sanitize it without any hassle. Great for everyday cleaning at the office, I find may great tasks for these little wipes. Its nice for on the go too because they all come individually wrapped.

Samcro, via Grand & Toy

Very good product!  This product does not leave streaks like some other products do.

Kim, via Grand & Toy

Best wipe out there

We have tried other brands and have always come away disappointed with the disposable wipes…. until we found this one. Best one out there and affordable too. Perfect!

Cookie, via Grand & Toy

Best new product I have tried in a long while. I can think of a 100 uses for the iCloth.

M.S. Arledge

This product is so good for all electronic devices. Cleans beautifully and is so convenient to carry with you and have on hand in case of an unexpected spill or mess. It has just the right amount of moisture and gives a streak free result.

B. Watson

Just the right amount of moisture on a nice soft cloth cleans my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen, my camera touch screen, and my large touch screen monitor perfectly all with just one cloth. I highly recommend these wipes for your most sensitive glass surfaces!

C. Johnson

These wipes work very well for all of my electronic devices. I especially like that they are each individually packaged for portability and they stay moist in their pouches. I am in college learning to be a software developer so I commonly have my laptop, tablet and smartphone on my desk for a 3 screen type of multitasking. Electronic devices are magnets for dust and the touch screens collect a great deal of dirt and oil from your fingertips. These wipes are very effective at gently removing all three without harming your device.

Brian M.

Very convenient. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

N. Van Ammers

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