Should this iCloth wipe be more wet?

iCloth Touch Screen Wipe

Each iCloth wipe contains just the right amount of liquid to dissolve all the contaminants and impurities on your electronics so they can be absorbed right back into the Dupont™ aerospace-grade cleaning cloth.

Often, competitors add too much liquid, which results in streaks. Through years of testing, we’ve identified the best ratio of liquid to use to achieve a streak-free and easy shine.


iCloth Individually-Sealed Touch Screen Cleaning Wipes are available online Read the customer reviews and you’ll come to the same conclusion that many others already have: they’re simply the best cleaning wipes out there.  We have a 100% hassle-free product quality guarantee, so get some today and bring your electronics back to that just-out-of-the-box, sparkling clean feeling every single day.

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