How to use iCloth Cleaning Wipes

7644642 Here’s how to clean your touchscreen and all other sensitive electronic surface for the cleanest possible finish.

1.  Remove any abrasive material (ie, sand).
2.  With a new wipe, start wiping away the grime that accumulates in the heavy use areas.
3.  Then, move outward toward the edges. No need to rub in circles – you want to pull the grime out and away and off the device… not polish it in!

That’s it!  Simple as 1-2-3.

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iCloth Individually-Sealed Touch Screen Cleaning Wipes are available online at Read the customer reviews and you’ll come to the same conclusion that many others already have: they’re simply the best cleaning wipes out there.  We have a 100% hassle-free product quality guarantee, so get some today and bring your electronics back to that just-out-of-the-box, sparkling clean feeling every single day.

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