About iCloth

Achieve Maximum Optical Clarity

iCloth really works. Consistent gunk and streak-free results - just as you would expect. Strong product reviews tell our story. Try it for yourself to experience why we have so many return customers and why we’re confidently offering you our Empty Box Guarantee.

Safe and Approved

Our wipes are proven safe. They’re recommended by touchscreen manufacturers and used in the flight decks of commercial airlines. Made in USA from the best quality components and our proprietary cleaning formula.

One At A Time

These aren’t your average ‘wet wipes’. Each wipe is individually wrapped so the dampness stays intact and you get the maximum results out of each pouch.

Portability & Convenience

Grab n’ go. Take them with you and use them anywhere to get rid of the daily grime on your devices screens. Ongoing screen care preserves your resale value.

Versatility is King

Go from your tablet to your touch smartphone to your laptop to your eyewear with ease. Glossy or matte, special AR coatings, screen protectors, you name it. iCloth cleans them all.


They’re so easy to use, kids love them too. Clean off even the messiest of messes, and then lightly graze the surface one last time for that perfect dust-free finish. Easy-open packaging.


Hello from our CEO

I'd like you to enjoy our EMPTY BOX GUARANTEE, which is our 100% money-back promise of a great experience with our products. I am confident that you'll use up every last one of your iCloths because our products are professional-grade and Made in America from superior components. If you are not completely satisfied, just request a full refund. It is as simple as that. No need to ship back the product and deal with return label hassles. Our Empty-Box guarantee is proof of our commitment to quality and to your complete satisfaction.

What they’re saying

***** Super great solution to touchscreen grime

Am I ever delighted to have discovered these little cloths. They work incredibly well and are small, lightweight, and easy to have on hand in my purse, knapsack, fanny pack, or desk drawer. They are just slightly moist – enough to wipe off grime without streaking. They leave my iPhone screen super clean. I love them.

A. Holen, Amazon.com

***** As promised, easy and effective!

The iCloth wipes provide a convenient, effective solution to keeping my phone and tablet screens clean and clear. I keep a few in my bag so that they’re always on hand – good bit easier than toting a microfiber cloth with a cleaning solution, with a better end result.

B. Campbell, Amazon.com

***** Nothing Better!

Somehow there is magic in the combination of cleaner and cleaning material – screen looks more pristine than it did coming out of the box.

BFF Pilgrim, Amazon.com

***** Well designed and convenient!

I keep a half dozen or so in my briefcase and in my backpack.
I will typically share one with a co-worker, but just one. After that I tell them to go to Amazon and order a supply for themselves.
These are not to be confused with the moist towelettes that you get with an order of ribs. They are damp, but not wet, and they work perfectly.
I will be ordering more very soon.

K. Mason, Amazon.com